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Prostate Cancer Warning Signs

Prostate Cancer Warning Signs

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The prostate is a male sex gland that helps in the critical functions of urination and sperm ejaculation. As men grows older, the prostate usually enlarges as well. During such time, prostate problems start to emerge. The condition may be BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) or may be a worse one – being prostate cancer.

There are no early prostate cancer warning signs to know if you have the disease. The growth of prostate cancer is usually very slow, and will take years to develop before it then manifests into symptoms.

If you already have an enlarged prostate, you may then start to see prostate cancer warning signs. Common symptoms include problems in the urinary function – difficulty to urinate, burning sensation during urination and blood in the urine. Such symptoms will subject men to a lot of inconvenience and will affect his normal way of life.

Prostate cancer warning signs include sexual dysfunction, inability to maintain firm erections and painful ejaculations. Definitely a big disappointment for men who are still active in their sex lives. This disease proves to be perhaps one of the most unwanted by males, as its effects hit on men’s basic functions.

These prostate cancer warning signs should be given due concern and medical check-up should be your next step. Your doctor should be able to guide you on how to go about the process, for the right diagnosis and treatment of your condition.

The earliest possible time you get yourself checked-up should be done so. Time is critical, and the earliest proper treatment you can get will be to your advantage. Usually in the stage where symptoms start to show, the development of cancer cells are much faster than on the initial stages.

It is even best not to wait for prostate cancer warning signs to show before you seek a doctor’s help. You can be proactive and have your prostate checked up early on, even without the symptoms, to be able to determine any condition that may cause problems in the future.

Men who have a family history of prostate cancer will increase their chances of developing one. The quality of your diet may also be a factor, and may increase your risk of prostate cancer if you are not eating healthy. Inactivity and less exercise will increase the risk even more.

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Knowing these risk factors should prompt one to take on a healthy lifestyle – eating right and incorporating exercise into one’s schedule. Early medical check up will give you the advantage of early detection and treatment of prostate cancer. The earlier the treatment, the more chances of success and the quicker your recovery.


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